Canalisation Lumière is the result of a personal, professional and spiritual quest.

My energetic approach dates back to 2004 when I received the Reiki transmissions up to master level as well as completed the training in Polarity and Therapeutic Touch. Initiated in 2018, I am pursuing an extended program in channelling called Tianshi (angels). I am humbled & fascinated by this universe of endless possibilities, power & great gentleness. Also by all the Love that is transmitted.  A gentle sensation of well-being is often felt during these sessions.

Light channeling & energy treatment remains a balm for the body, soul, heart and mind.

Reading of oracle cards

May our boundless nature be nourished by heavenly light and a will to shine.

I am moved every time I do a draw, whatever for who or what. Divine guidance is always present in the cards!

These draws are unpretentious with multiple decks of cards and sessions can last from 30 to 90 minutes. It is possible to combine a reading with an energy treatment and / or a massage in the same appointment or use the hour and a half for a more in-depth reading on more than one topic.

I LOVE using this medium to channel meaningful responses, inspire, reassure, confirm the messages of our little inner voice and divinely guide a possible path.

We always receive what is best for us because ultimately it is the beings of light who transmit their beneficent energy.

I also use aromatherapy, crystals, singing bowls, sacred geometry as well as mantras, depending on guidance and requests. The ultimate goal is to transcend blockages and raise the vibration. A gentle sensation of well-being is often felt during these sessions.

Whether you need to relax your nervous system, harmonize your energy centers, receive divine guidance, contact loved ones or whether you are going through a difficult moment, all reasons are good for treating yourself to receive a shower of divine energy and information.

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