I’ve been passionate in this ART OF TOUCH since 1995

My approach is infused by over 12 techniques (read bio) which allows me to create unique & personalized massages catered for every clients specific needs; both energetic and therapeutic.

The use of quality natural oils enhanced with specially chosen aromatherapy blends heighten the benefits of all my massage treatment. 

My 2 hours long sessions aim to improve overall wellness and are infused with alternate therapies like yoga, aromatherapy, herbal medecine, postural alignment and breathing techniques.

List of services

  • 90 minutes therapeutic massage

    A combination of Tuina, Swedish, Jin Shin Do, Su Jok, Reflexology, Deep Flow.

  • 90 minutes Energetic massage

    A choice or combination of Polarity, Reiki & Therapeutic touch.

  • 90 minutes «Signature massage»

    Personalized blend of therapeutic & energetic techniques.

  • Emotional Release

    Includes mantras, aroma & moxa therapy, cristals and tibetan bowls.

  • Facial lifting (with or without Reiki)

    Rejuvenates skin from inside out with the use of mini sucking cups, crystals, acupressure & precious oils. Reduces apparence of wrinkles and puffiness, radiant glow and better breathing. Good for toning aging skin and/or sinusitis.

  • Yoga Program

    Customized to your need.

  • The Art of Breathing

    Breath work & relaxation.

  • Lymphatic drainage & fascia release

    (use of Guasha and/or sucking cups) for treating: muscular pain, colds & flu, water retention and cellulite.

  • Chronic Pain

    Su-Jok & Magic Key Teknic (very effective) corean pulsing acupressure on hands and feet with moxibustion.


$108. + tx & insurance receipt  90 minutes treatment (2hrs appointment)
$140. + tx & insurance receipt  for a 120 minutes treatment (on request only)

I also teach adapted master class and workshops in therapeutic and energetic techniques for overseas hotel to improve refinement of local massage therapist.