I’ve been passionate in this ART OF TOUCH since 1995

My approach is infused by over 12 techniques (read bio) which allows me to create unique & personalized massages catered for every clients specific needs; both energetic and therapeutic.

The use of quality natural oils enhanced with specially chosen aromatherapy blends heighten the benefits of all my massage. 

My sessions aim to improve overall wellness and are infused with alternate therapies like yoga, aromatherapy, herbal medecine, postural alignment, breathing techniques & tianshi.

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  • Practical one on one breathing exercises enhanced with a guided relaxation on a massage table.

  • Su-Jok & Magic Key Teknic (very effective) corean pulsing acupressure on hands and feet with moxibustion.

  • Hot stone therapy is known  for its deeply soothing and relaxing effects. The warm basalt stones that glides on the skin are a wonderful addition to a relaxation or therapeutic massage.

Price for 90 min. & 2hrs treatment + 15 min. consultation

$125. + tx & insurance receipt  90 minutes 
$165. + tx & insurance receipt  for a 120 minutes (on request only)

I give 15 min. extra for each apointment for welcoming you, consultation time as well as  scheduling another apointment, if desired, payment & insurance receipt.

I also teach adapted master class and workshops in therapeutic and energetic techniques for overseas hotel to improve refinement of local massage therapist.

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