The magic of yoga improves vitality, physical strength & body-mind openness.

In sync with breathing, Vinyasa is a dynamic form of yoga based on movements’ fluidity in the sequencing of asanas. This type of yoga flows from one posture to the other using alignment and breath to improve one’s body/mind awareness. Each class is strongly inspired by the seasons and their related element as well as a musical soundtrack especially chosen to assist the flow.

We begin with a meditation in action and then the sequence builds up to the peak pose. A cool down series of postures is then completed with some Pranayama (conscious breathing) Mudras (hand gestures) and sometimes we chant a Mantra.

Most recently, i’ve started to offer rejuvenating yin & meditation classes with a special accent on mudras and conscious breathing in addition to my seasonal yoga sessions.

Self Love for body, mind & heart


Types of Yoga Courses

  • Vinyasa Flow

    Read full description on page.

  • Yin Yoga

    Restaurative & calming (uses of props to hold poses longer & enter a state of deep relaxation).

  • Therapeutic Yoga

    Aims specific physical rehabilitation.

  • Hormonal Yoga

    Ideal to minimise & harmonise the symptoms of pre/post menopause.

  • Duo/Acro Yoga

    Partner yoga enhance complicity & thrust + a big dose of fun!!

  • Sup Yoga

    On paddle board, seasonal.

  • Yoga Dance

    A fun parent/child activity, for teenager (improve confidence & release pressure), or during festival & special events.

  • Senior Yoga

    Specially catered for elders joy & vitality.

  • Chair Yoga

    Offered on site in business conference room Or in elders home.

  • Business Yoga & Massage

    Possibility to combine services on site.

  • The Art of Breath & Meditation

    Simple techniques to improves breathing and effective meditation.

Yoga greatly benefits the nervous system and helps release toxins of all kinds while regenerating the whole being at a cellular level.

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