Bio Massage

My interest in massage therapy dates back to 1993, after a 6 months voyage in Asia, when I was introduced to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine through my training in Tuina massage methods.

In the following decade, my thirst for knowledge combined with my fascination with the healing powers of the body inspired me to explore and study a whole array of techniques such as Swedish, Californian, Integral Massage, Esalen, Reflexology and Jin Shin Do. I’ve also had many trainings in pre/post natal massage. For more info please visit:

I infuse my practice with innovating healing methods while perfecting my skills with master classes in order to answer most efficiently all of my clients needs.

Always mindful of giving more to my clients, in 2017 I began training in Su-Jok (Korean acupressure) and Deep Flow; fascia therapy method in 2019. I am also learning Tianshi; highly vibrational energy work & channeling.

My personal and spiritual QUEST led me to discover Reiki, Meditation, Chi Qong and Yoga. These ancient healing systems launched the completion in 2004 of diverse certification programs in energy techniques such as Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, Pendulum, Reiki Master. I am also a certified yoga teacher since 2010 (see yoga bio). Passionate about alternative healing techniques, i’ve been exploring since 2018 cristal therapy as well as the ancient healing art of Guasha and learning Tianshi since 2019.

Adding any of those techniques during a massage promotes a deeper state of relaxation releasing deep layers of stress while rejuvenating the whole body & harmonizing energy currents.

Other specific session like « emotional release » oracle cards reading & channeling  can be both liberating and inspiring during intense periods of life.

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