Yoga in Spring

At the heart of the tree rises the sap; just like the body straightens up towards the light at springtime.

Spring is the perfect time to exercise in order to rid the body of toxins that have accumulated during the winter. Stretching our body, like the seasonal light, expresses an ascending and creative force: that of the rising sun. The climatic influence associated with the Wood element in spring is the wind/air. With its quality of mobility, It frees us from gravity.

The energy of spring nourishes in a privileged way the liver and the gall bladder which in turn are responsible for elasticity and muscular/tendon vigor. Muscle stretches will allow the energy of the liver to flow freely, especially when accompanied by deep breathing exercises (since muscles consume a lot of oxygen).

The cultivation of the hara (core) energy in the asanas as well as “detoxifying” pranayamas (breathing exercises) will be at the heart of spring yoga practice.

Throughout this season where light and dynamism animate us, we will progress in this Yang energy towards more intense postures to culminate with the equinox in June. Each at his own pace, of course, because yoga is above all a practice to honor and respect our body by accessing to the inner wisdom. The insight we receive from our divine/wise self, will help us balance our eager ego by taming our practice and keeping a healthy balance.

Aum shanti

the mantra of the season: Om Ram Ramaya Swaha

“Om and greetings to the physical perfection manifested by Rama whose attributes exist in me.”

A mantra is the divine power that manifests through the sound of the body. A mantra is divine energy.

This mantra awakens and activates the energy of the solar plexus: Manipura chakra. It also harmonizes the energy which descends along the left side and that which rises on the right side of the body. This healing mantra relieves pain and alleviates suffering.

© Copyright - Ann-Marie Provencher