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Yoga in Winter

Yoga in winter is associated with the fundamental element of water, with purity, connectivity, fluidity, cold, calm, rest and restauration.

In Chinese medicine, the couple «bladder/kidneys» uphold the element of water’s  characteristics.  The kidneys are considered vital since their energy depend on all the other organs’s energies.  The kidneys also bear our « ancestral » energy, passed on to us at birth by our parents.

The bladder is responsible for transforming and eliminating impure liquids and, also sometimes, thoughts. The kidneys and bladder’s energies quickly weakens under the effects of the cold.  Kidney “deficiency”  can bring upon backaches and sciatic pain, knee problems, urinary complications as well as teeth and ear aches.

Thus the importance of keeping warm in winter and covering kidneys, feet and head to prevent cooling and preserve our physiological balance, stamina & mental strength.

The second chakra: “svadhisthana” , is located below the belly button and lower back area in the sacral region. This energy center is linked to creative, sexual and healing energies, emotions, to the color orange, the sense of taste, to apana & vyana vayus (energy movements) and to the bija mantra: “Vam”.

Winter’s element will be reflected in my yoga class through backbend asanas (postures); opening and stenghtening the sacral region. Calming and centering pranayamas (breath exercises) and meditations will address the Yin qualities of this season.

Mantra: « Aham Prema»   I am Divine Love

Chanting this mantra strengthens our ability to love unconditionally; a condition which ultimately brings us altogether in Unity.

Aum Shanti

© Copyright - Ann-Marie Provencher